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The Automatic Milk Collection Station is a specially designed, integrated unit, which combines the severel functions of a milk collection centre. It measures the weight, fat content & gives the price of the milk brought in by each supplier. The equipment is particulary useful for milk co- operatives / milk collection centers as it can also maintain a summary of milk supplied together with the rate on a daily, monthly and yearly bases. This state-of-the-art equipment operates both on battery and main and is able to process and record 120-150 milk collection per hour. An Electronic Milk Weighing Unit, the Electronic Milk Tester and Data Processing Unit are the main components of the system. The membership code of individual members are entered manually through an electronic keyboard.

The AMCS interfaced with a personal computer can maintain the complete record of the village co-operative together with the details of all transactions of the society.

  Instant measurement of milk weight.
  Milk collection is directly in the society's can for Cow and Buffalo separately.
  Instant measurement of milk fat.
  Instant print out for amount payable
  Member Identification by Card
  Fast & economical
  Performs 120-150 milk samples per hour
  Centralised testing & payment
  Shift end summary
  31 days cumulative summary (In the part of 10/11 days)
Technical Specifications

Automatic Milk Collection Station Comprises of:

Milk Weighing Unit (M.W.U.)
Electronic Milk Tester (E.M.T.)
Data Processor Unit (D.P.U.)
Personal Computer (P.C.), optional

  Measuring Range

Weight Measurement : 0-20 kg
Fat Measurement : 0-13%
No.of Members : 1000
Measurement Capacity : 120-150 Milk Collections / hr
Power Supply : AC:220-240/110V
                      DC:12V, 120 amp-hr battery is adequate for 4 hrs operation

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