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Main Unit
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Features And Advantages
  EVM and data Stored is Tamper proof against any sort machine interface.
  The EVM units is capable of accepting votes without any external power for continuos of 12 Hours..
  The EVM units is able to store results atleast for 60 days.
  The control unit is capable of accessing exclusively through a unique Smart card .
  Micro Controller based system for high accuracy & fast response.
  Rugged body design for strength & Shock proof operation.
  Easily interfacable with Computer to run various data based Programs.
  Easily operated for voters.
Optional Features
  Battery back up.
  Single display
  Printer Facility
  RS 232 interface / connectivity.
Technical Specifications
  Power Supply: : 6V Battery
  Display: : Seven segment LED element.
  Operating Temperature: : 0 to 45 C
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