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Conveyor System
The Conveyor system is totally made from SS 304 material with the conveyor tension adjustment. The drive for conveyor system is a gearless & brush less synchronous motor operating on AC 230 V power supply, which gives constant maintenance free operation. Conveyor system is designed in such a way to give noise-less and friction-less operation. Extra care is taken during the design for the conveyor - wear and tear, which are minimized by the friction idler supports at the regular intervals.

Auto Drainage
Pneumatically operated drainage system activates on getting signal from the controller unit and opens the drain valve to empty milk-bowl of electronic Milk-Weigher. As soon as bowl is empty, the drain-valve closes automatically.

Auto Sampling
Auto sampling of the milk is also done pneumatically and the quantity of sample can be adjusted through software and hardware both. Sample of the milk is taken from the bowl of Milk-Weigher before drainage of milk. After taking the appropriate qty. of milk, it also pours the sample milk into the bottle on the conveyor. Special valves and sampling units are developed to give high performance dock automation.

Special care is taken to maintain the cleanliness of the entire system. For this - easily removable attachments are developed.

Sample Bottle release & stopper arrangements
Sample bottle release & stopper arrangements is designed to give jerk-less operation. This is done by synchronizing the operation through its highly technical and accurate design. It holds the empty sample bottles while release only filled sample bottle, which helps in maintaining the proper sampling sequence to avoid any error.

Software for its control through 500 kgs. Milk-Weigher.
Software and Hardware are specially developed so that Smart Dock Automation can be connected to our existing 500 kg. Milk-Weigher. S/w is developed to operate the system from both master computer as well as from the Milk-Weigher, thus it synchronizes all operation and provides accurate system.

Smart Dock Automation consists of

Conveyor System
Auto Drainage
Auto Sampling
Sample Bottle release & stopper arrangements
Software for its control through 500 kgs. Milk-Weigher.

System Requirements:
  Electronics Milk-Weigher
  Optional Computer
Supply Requirements:
  AC 230 V, 50 Hz power supply
  Air supply at 70- 80 PSI
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